Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's happening in class?

The week of September 8th through September 12th will be a busy one!

On Monday, in both ELA and ADV ELA, students will be selecting their first silent reading novel of the year.  It will be a free choice fiction book, and it must be a RQ (Reader's Quiz) novel.  

On Tuesday, in both ELA and ADV ELA, students will be viewing a historical video which centers around a past President making and dealing with difficult choices, which will no doubt spark some great class discussions pertaining to what motivates people in power to make difficult decisions while the world is watching.

On Tuesday, in ELA, students will be turning in their first essay of the year, which focused on a significant choice from their past, and mid-week, we will begin reading and discussing our first in-class novel of the year:  The Outsiders. This thought-provoking, fast-paced, emotional novel has been on "best reads" lists for years, and I'm looking forward to sharing the experience of Ponyboy and family and friends with yet another group of students.

Mid-week in ADV ELA, in correlation with our upcoming Romeo and Juliet unit, we will be viewing and analyzing the award winning musical, "West Side Story," We will be delving into characterization with an emphasis on the negative aspects of stereotyping, character development, and character motivation.

On Friday, the 8th grade class will be traveling to Olympia Fields to attend a team building field trip.

Here's to a good week!

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