Monday, September 1, 2014

What's happening in class?

Welcome to a new school year!  I'll be updating my blog each week, based on the basics.  I'll give you a preview of the week, and add any additional information throughout the year that will help with anything connected to class.

This week, in all my classes, we will be kicking off our 1st quarter's thematic unit entitled: "The Impact of Choices." Everything we do this quarter will be somehow connected to this theme, and the 3 essential questions connected to this theme.     

At the beginning of the week, all students will be presenting speeches, focused on themselves.  In ELA, students will be giving "Me Bag" speeches, which will consist of sharing information about their past experiences, their likes, and their background, connecting this information to 6 self-chosen items. In ADV ELA, students will be giving "One-Item" speeches, which will consist of selecting an item and connecting it's traits to their own personality traits.

In ELA, we will also be delving into analyzing the first poem and the first short story of the year.  At the end of the week, students will be writing a sample essay, which will be focused on a significant choice they have made in their past.

In ADV ELA, we will be focusing on the skills needed for beneficial, solid group work, and begin practicing these traits by analyzing a thought provoking folktale, first independently and then in a group setting.            

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